My First Blog Post!

Hello, everyone! This is my first blog post. I am very excited, nervous and can not wait to do more with this blog. I really hope that someday this blog will grow into something big and it will be worth looking back.

Who am I?

My name is Komal Soni. I am an Indian. I am a certified Jewellery Designer, Diamond Grader and Gemmologist. My love for Art, Writing, Photography, and Content Creation lead me here. Creating Jewellery and understanding its smallest detail is something I’m extremely passionate about and I am only hoping to grow more from this blog.

So Why I want to do it?

The answer is very simple. As soon as I started My Jewellery Designing Course, I struggled from starting in finding free Online materials and Guidelines for My studies. It was also not easy to find manual or CAD designs online. I feel there is some taboo in the Jewellery Industry. it is not accepted in the Jewellery Industry to reveal the techniques. Which I totally understand why? But that doesn’t normally happen in other designing fields. Am I right or not?

See, No matter how much we want to protect our work, But it is always refreshing to see the work of other artists. It helps us to stay motivated and work hard for our dreams and on our art and That’s why I am here.

What we gonna Learn?

So, I’m gonna share My work here. Some Practical and Theory knowledge about Jewellery Industry. We are going to start with very Basics and will build our way up. I, by no means, claim to be an Expert or Perfectionist but No one actually is, right? We together will learn new things and will try to help each other.

Please use my Blog only for Educational Purpose. Let’s keep our small community safe and educated. You can always share my blog with interested people. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding my designs or advice or products I mention here. I will try to answer them all asap. I would also Love to hear if you have any different perspective than I have. Your suggestions and guidance are always welcomed. I am also here to learn something new every day. So, Contact Me whenever you feel there is anything.

So from next Post, We gonna start our actual Educational Ride. Till then, Always remember to Believe in your Art and Heart. 🙂