Introduction to Crystallography

The science of Crystle is called Crystallography. Crystallography is Important, as it is the foundation upon which Gemmoligical knowledge is based. The properties by which gemstones are identified are so … Read MoreIntroduction to Crystallography

What is Gemmology

Introduction: Gemmology is the science of Gems. The Word ‘Gemmology‘ has been derived from the ‘Gemma‘ meaning ‘Precious‘ and ‘Logy‘ means ‘Study‘. It is the study of Precious material. Today, … Read MoreWhat is Gemmology

The 4Cs of Diamond

Diamonds are forever and they are definitely considered as a Pride Possession. Diamonds are Beautiful, Rare and most Cherished. Each diamond is unique and is a miracle of time, place … Read MoreThe 4Cs of Diamond

All About Creating a Designer Jewellery

History and Progress Jewellery design is being used as a form of decoration since the oldest time. It is the profession or art of creating jewellery. This art has taken … Read MoreAll About Creating a Designer Jewellery